Saturday, June 18

I am stuck. Here.

I am torn.

Between buying nice (probably expensive) furniture or not.

The dilemma is I don't want to be staying here. For long. So, I dont think a nice furniture is neccessariy. But I do need it to make life easier. But, buying one highly likely suggesting that I will be staying here long. It's like proving that I will be staying long. Blergh, I am not making any sense.

All my current furnitures are simple and cheap. And if I have to move like rightaway, I can just move with my MyVi. No need to bring the cheap bed that makes noises everytime I move, the RM30 wardrobe closet that always terbalik due to being too heavy, the boxes that been keeping my extra stuff. Those stuff are just enough for me who wants to stay for a short period of time. Meaning I can just either dump the stuff or leave it behind.

BTW, spesifcally now I need a table and a chair. I need them to do my work. To do my notes. To mark the books and papers. To put my laptop. To put stationary. To be more comfortable.

So, how about it?


kisahdreamer said...

one can never go wrong with table and chair babe. you really need one. cant afford to do all the work on the bed. at least, good furniture makes you feel at ease and at least making you think that you are living your life properly. Though it's not to prove that you're gonna stay there for long. =)

Good living babe.

alfina said...

Thanks nisah. I know I should buy it.

Eh, it felt good that someone care enough to comment.

BTW, i should also mentioned that Im a cheapskate. hahaha.

Hisyam said...

And remember you also have a Saga to dump things into. So a table (one that can be disassembled? Easily though. Remember you have a monkey for a boyfriend. ) can go into your list

Fatin Nordin said...

em u didnt need a table in ipba.

bcos i want u to come to johore sooooooooooooon!

alfina said...

Hisyam: One would never forget when one has a monkey for a boyfriend.

Ten: I know. I do toooooooooooooo. But workolad kat IPBA tak sama mcm di sini.. dah pening tgk file sana sini. kertas2 bergelimpangan.