Tuesday, March 6

Fun in small doses

Being in such a confined and small place, me and Saqinah have a silly innocent crush on one of this businessman in GM. Yes, we share our crush. It is that small.

Anyway, there was this one day when Saqinah was waiting in the car and me and K.A were talking with this guy about some stuff. Upon entering the car, I gave Saqinah word by word description about the discussion. With some extra topping to make Saqinah jealous.

The guy, who also knows Saqinah, came nearer to the car. Saqinah's car. At one point, Saqinah was so nervous that her car engine died. There. In front of him.

It was so damn funny. For us.
Embarassing. For Saqinah.

And we were laughing.
Until today.

1 comment:

Hisyam said...

Whoo hot stuff. Even the car is nervous.