Sunday, March 25

Siapa tu?

To his collegues (whom I don't know and never meet) HR refers to me as his bakal isteri. That is who I am. But somehow, it feels weird when he narrated his days to me. It feels formal-ish, no?

To my collegues, I do not refer to HR as anything. I just don't share with them. There is a reason why there are called collegues rather than friends.

To my friends, he is just HR. Plain and simple.

Truth is, he is not my tunang. He is just my boyfriend. He is my bakal suami.

Bakal suami.
Bakal suami.

See, yucks!

Anyhow, he is always going to be my bestfriend.

Lucky me to be married to my own bestfriend.

1 comment:

Hisyam said...

In around 60 days I'll start referring to you as my ex-girlfriend!!

Ex-girlfriend, now-and-forever wifey.