Monday, September 10

Of my boys and girls

My bro went back to Ireland safely. I didn't have the chance to send him off. That's a bummer.

My other brother went back to UiTM Melaka recently, his choice. I also didn't manage to send him off.  But I can visit him whenever I want. While I do want to visit Ami, I need a lot of plans and preparations and ka-ching!

One by one, my girlfriends are getting hitched. I am arranging my calendars to grace each occasion. This, apparently, includes my pregnancy plans. Lol. I am happy that each of my girls is meeting her other half. And I hope to be in their presence all the way to their children's marriages.

Like what I've seen in my own. My mom's friends were most of the back bone of my wedding. They not only helped but they stayed over. Leaving their husbands behind. (Just like what I did during Ten's and Bayah's ceremony - I bet HR is counting how many more girlfriends do I have). 

I saw the same thing in Ten's wedding. The mom's bff was working as hard as her mom. Totally BFF moment, babe!

Above all, I am thankful for an awesome and understanding husband that allow me to be all that I am.


felicia said...

Awwwwwww... BFF ftw! and HR deserves to be commended for being so understanding too lol

alfina said...

Now now, can't wait for yours