Friday, September 14

Marriage Tune

One of the best things about having a husband (there are many other awesome things) is having a permanent driver. Or at least the best thing about having HR as a husband is his passion for driving especially for long journey.

He would be driving me everywhere, near and far.

He would fight for this role for no apparent reason. Even when I know for sure he is tired because he is in the afternoon session and our journey usually starts right after his long day at school.

Me, gladly sitting like a boss beside him.  

And if its far, he wouldn't mind driving alone.   Not only alone as in me not driving at all. But also alone in terms of me sleeping during the journey. I know I shouldn't but I cant help it.  

Best thing ever.

Yet, he outsmarted me.   He went and downloaded and saved awesome songs in USB and played them during the journey. All my favourite songs. From N'Sync to Beyonce. Mostly from the 90's that I can sing along too.

Now, I can no longer sleep. I'm too busy humming to the cheesy songs from O-Town and The Corrs.

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