Thursday, September 13

My raya

Raya as an adult is more about giving than receiving. Giving food, forgiveness and mostly giving the angpows.
It is more tiring as an adult of course.

But still happiness all around.

Raya as a wife is about tolerance. About which family first, which family should we stayed longer.It is not much hardwork with HR. He is very tolerable and awesome. 

I have my own (rented) house to prepare for now. The cookies. The cookies jars. The dining table. The curtains. The furniture. The dishes. It is truly adult moment.

We spent our Raya in Kedah first. Then head back to Rembau. We visited many relatives houses. We introduced our spouses to the families. We discover family secrets and scandals. 

p/s: HR gave me duit raya. Yay!

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