Friday, October 12

HR trying to be cute

I was reading this spesific entry from ThePinkStilettos when HR was cramming his head to join me. He likes to butt in my view when I ignore him for too long. He was nodding his head like he truly understood.

As we were going home from our movie date, he suddenly said, “You don’t need to cook tonight. I’ll make us dinner and do the dishes”.

I am like, "What?" Thinking that I already fed him before we go out and I'm sure he was full.

So he explained his peculiar behaviour. "I thought the girls like it when men said stuff like that."

"Yeah. Only when he meant it. And actually did it" Me - rolling my eyes.

"Oh, here I thought you girls only like listening to those stuff."


far far away said...

Haha I can SO imagine Hisyam saying that

alfina said...

Totally Far, lol