Thursday, February 12

its just one of those days

while I was forcing myself to study, (exam is like so near) Ten texted me. She asked me to go bowling with her. Deym, nice offer. I havent bowling in a while, not that I am good at it. I was thinking, bowling or studying? You know I made the right choice when I went bowling even when I was supposed to work at 6pm until 11pm.

With just ten minutes of getting ready, I was in front of Sky City Cinema at 12.35pm. Both Ten and Acap was waiting for me there. We journeyed to Newmarket. Played two sets of bowling in which I'm not the loser of the game. Scored some strikes, some spares. Had a blast of fun.

Then, we went shopping. Bought my mom this beautiful jewelleries case. Bought drinks and other things. From there, I went straight to work. And I didn't get home until 11pm. Not knowing what's happening outside. On my way home, I realized, it was raining. Walking home happily in the rain, blessed with such a cold night. I though i'm gonna get a great night sleep.
Mas left the door unlocked for me (left my keys in hurrying meeting Acap and Ten), I think she was soundly asleep because she had a headache. I saw the horror thing in my room. My dear laptop was wet. I didn't closed the window, the table with the laptop was at the window.
Urm, guess what?
I think my dream of having small laptop might be fulfilled after all.
p/s: I am writing this in the CC

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Hisyam said...

Sniff..sniff..what have you been cooking? Laptop baru masak merah?