Tuesday, February 10

Five of the day


I am thinking about buying the small cute laptop. Phew, need more money. Went surveying to few stores. Everyhting is around 900ish. So, need to save up.

Oh, bought Johnny Bravo dvd. So much of needing to save up.


The other night, I was on the phone with HR before I went to sleep, we were saying goodnight and stuff. I was like, "Ok, Goodnight, Esok ada kelas. Nak tgk How I Met Your Mother and tertidur. "

I can hear he burst into laughter on the other side. He was like, "Tertidur pun boleh rancang ke? Tertidur kan auto je." I joined laughing.

I am a freak like that. Trying to control everything in my life. I even scheduled tertidur.
Oh, I ended up not sleepin until almost 5ish. Deym, you cannot plan anything earlier.


Loving my curent gadget. NDS. Finally got it. Black in colour. I am in love in touch screen that I am thinking about iPhone. I know I've got big dream.


Weeks earlier, when people are busy boycotting stuff, I am still not sure where I stand. I tried discussing it with a few mates. Attempting to understand the logic of it. I never did however tried to read / see the list of the stuff that need to boycott. I know a few from reading others' blog. I know there's Milo, Johnson & Johson, Starbucks kot, Coke kot. I am not sure.

Now that I work at a place where most of the customer are from the Arabic region, I saw them buying boycotting stuff like nothing really concern them. I was like, urm, Malaysian are opting not drinking Milo and you guys didn't even bother.

Oh, I did buy Starbucks yesterday. Yummy!


Didn't manage to see the Lantern Festival at all. Deym!
No one wanna watch the Circus thingie with me. It's ending soon.


hijrah said...

hahah sudah succumb pada charm nds ye? bagus, bagus.. =D

aediasri said...

starbucks bukan 'kot'.

coke bukan 'kot'.

starbucks, mcD dan coca-cola adalah 3 produk utama yang memberi sumbangan secara TERUS kepada Israel

aku tau boikot ni sukar, dan sukar juga menyelesaikan masalah

tapi aku xmoh terlibat langsung untuk zionist dan Israel

p/s - ada sorang palestinian kat u aku hampir tiap-tiap hari minum coke!

Hisyam said...

Waa iphone lagi, laptop mini lagi.. It's alright to dream. Hehe