Monday, February 16



To go to work as I got a huge crush on one of my fellow workmates. Urm, he is not that handsome or that nice, he is always grumpy and bossy but his eyes just captivate me. Cant wait to go to work. *smiles so huge*


Exam is tomorrow and I got lotsa ground to cover because of my obsessive laziness.


I'm always working on weekend and I cannot watch Grey's Anatomy Season 5 at tv2 at 8.30pm. Deym!


How am I supposed to tell my mother that my laptop is not functioning again without her being so worried and freak out about it? Seriously, I don't need her to worry about matters like this.
Thinking about the money issue and dreams that might died because of it. Need more money.
p/s: HR is coming back soon. I dunno how to feel. Being independent is so fulfilling. Missing him is so painful.


farah, s. said...

dh dpt keje ea dzeti?

Hisyam said...

I'm coming back to ya!! Zoommm