Saturday, February 28

My sweet mom

I guess most of people know that HR is here in Auckland. So no more 'jiwang' post. You can take a deep relief breath. On the night that HR was supposed to arrived, me and Mas (my housemate) went to Starlight Symphony in Auckland Domain with some other people. The show was fantastic and the crowd that I'm with were superfun.

When I went back, I got text from my mom. It was something like this,
Dah mendarat ke pakwe kamu tuh? Sabagla jgn dok terkam mlm2
buta ni. Tggu esok. Jaga kehormatan diri. Legala kot no. Esok
tak keja kut nak meraikan. Dont be over excited.

I was laughing so hard. I know my mom was worried about me.

And no people, I dont go gushing towards the Railway Campus in the middle of the night. Its so faraway and he arrived there around twelve am. I was tired anyway. And yes, I worked the next day. Plus, I know how tiring long hours of plane is. So, I did decided earlier on to let him rest first.

I did, however, decorated his room a bit to be welcoming the day before and left him some sweet notes. I know I am romantic.

p/s: HR did some romantic stuff too.


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awww good on u. see, ur mom is so understanding whateva da da da. zeti i miss u-mard