Thursday, March 5

Don't u be wasting ur money on syrup and honey coz I'm sweet enough

I got a friend who once before revealed to me that her new year’s resolution for this year is not to meet new people. She prefer not to have new sets of friends or get involve in new people. She just wanted to stick to her usual crowd. Encountering new mates are just to troublesome.

I thought her resolution is quite interesting. Not only she is known as a social butterfly, people usually wanted to expand their social circle and join more activities. What she she wanted was a completely different thing. I was somewhat impressed by it and I asked her the reasons.

She simply said that with more people, more tendency of people gossiping about you, more people you have to fake being nice with, more people to hang out with while the old crew feeling left out. She just wanted to stick by her current friends and appreciate them as they are.

Thinking about it, I realized that’s what I’ve been doing this past few years. It’s just that I did not verbalize it out loud. I mean, I used to be this girl who are very involved and joined in all the possible activity because I just like being busy.

Nowadays, I can’t remember any activities that involved me meeting new people. I mean I do stuff with the same crew like having girls night’s out or sleepovers. Just with same people that I’ve known for years. I don’t do meeting new people so well. Just this noon, the UMNO president asked Faris who am I while I was hanging out with them. While all the IPBA people meeting new people, having new relationship with fresh faces and doing fun activities with diverse people, I’m happy with the same individuals.


Syaza said...

nice view u've got here..
i kinda agree but there's something i would like to add..
well, just to share my views too,
for me i think its not the quantity that counts, its the quality..
u can have a lot of friends or should i be more precise,positive friends, u can actually learn to improve yourself and be happy..hence, few/none of the negative would happen.. on the other hand, although u have a few friends but if they are negative ones, the negative things would surely happen too..and it goes vice versa.. i hope u can understand what i mean.. but the conclusion is, if u want to find new friends, choose the positive ones and choose wisely..(like ustaz ismail once said)..hahaha..

Deunknownphotographer said...

aku setuju dengan pendapatmu ini ZT...kerana aku juga begitu =).

Hisyam said...

How you've been hanging out with UMNO president?

My limited knowledge tells me it must be Malaysian Prime Minister right?

alfina said...

HR: Apparently Pak Lah is in Auckland.

Arifah: Dat I know.

Syaza: Urm.. Ustaz Ismail said dat? Really? I only remembered he has friends. Everywhere