Wednesday, March 25

gone baby gone

Yesterday, I officially sold my bike. I feel kinda sad. I'm not that attached to it but that bike signals the independent day of my life. Ahh, rapik je.

I've been neglecting the bike since I moved from WSA to Hobson St to Queen St. But now that the bike is officially out of my sight, I feel rather melancholic. Only the day before yesterday, me and HR washed the bike. Dried it. Put some WD40 on the rusty chain. Spray some paint to make the bike look great. Which make the bike look almost brand new. Then went for a few circles with the bike. Oh, macam taknak jual pun ada.

HR pointed out that I never actually took picture with the bike. Which was kinda true. Because when I browse my pictures folder, I truly had no memories of the bike. Feeling sentimental.

Hopefully the bike will be more care after. Maybe the new owner will ride it more than me.

Ah, sedih~

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Hisyam said... was a good bike