Tuesday, March 31

my life so far

Just got back from a weekend of fun. Sheryll organised a weekend of exposing to Maori culture where we were taught to do some Maori stuff and culture. combining IPBA's Cohort 4 and MARA Cohort 2. There's lotsa food provided but not really my cup of tea.

The weekend was not hectic like any other Malaysian camp. The most fun was me and the girls fooling around on the green land. I played badminton, tossing frisbee, volleyball and even Ibu Ayam.

Just imagine yourself, a bunch of 22 years old ladies running around while tagging their friend's shirt. It was hilarious. The ibu ayam game did not last long. We were 22. We couldn't run that much. Or that fast as we used too.

We learned flax weaving, making poi (tools for Maori dance), cooking Maori food and some songs. It's almost like we were back in Kindie except we have to cook our own food.

I don't have pictures currently.

Monday was 3rd Anniversary with HR.

We exchanged gift. Since we have financial difficulties, we promised to get stuff below 50 dollars and must be hand made. Precisely, own hand made not some other people's hand. If not, HR will twist my words. I have to be precise. We spent the day having picnic. Once, at noon at Myers Park which I cooked. Later that night, HR cooked and we ate at Mahuhu Cres Park, near Vector Arena.

Tuesday - which is today - I'm going to Rise Against concert.

Hopefully, there will be NO mosh pit.


iXa said...

to be honest i never liked ur previous bfs. but hr seems to be supersweet and cool and cute that i feel like having him as bf myself haha.

Fatin Nordin said...

financial diff but gift must be 50 below don't think thats financial prob punn aaa

besnye love life kau jeles
p/s; bermakna ak suh smpaikn pd yg berkenaan, phm kn? haha

kisahdreamer said...

you better be careful telling ppl about ur bf. Seems that many ppl are intrested ., haha. =p

Cikgu Puaka said...

loving life it seems? m happy for u sayangku bulat2 cheh org lain nak berebut hisyam aku nk berebut ko