Saturday, May 30

Chuck & Blair

I have not narrate my last Easter Break holiday yet. I have been wanting too. But I always been able to deflect myself. I am now able to take deeper breath since most of the tv series has ended. All with good ending except for one, House. Deym u Gregory House, always keeping it suspense. I am trying to keep myself from hooking to other tv series vortex.

Oh, Hisyam has been suck to Facebook vortex. At times, when glance at his laptop screen, is Facebook site.

So, last Easter, me, HR, Farah & Aliff went up north to Cape Reinga and surrounding. We actually made lotsa stop, which I am so lazy to recall. I'll just paste some photos then.

Sapa sangka ada terowong di NZ?

menawan bukit sambil main golf

Crocodile Hunter Lady

Bird Hunter Lady
memang serba boleh lah

Small Delicious Picnic


Serba boleh tak?

At this point, my camera was out of battery.
HR's full with sand.
Other photos from Farah's camera is with HR.

Back in Auckland.
Sejuk. Gembira.

Makan. Bergambar.

Overall, the trip was fun. It was rather cheap and short. I wanted to go somewhere despite my economical state at hazardous level.


Unknown said...

encik zeti, aku rindu engko.
oh ya, ni nak tuntut hadiah besday dua tahun dulu ni. mana nyer tak sampai2. chess. haha

lovemenot said...

woot woot..sakan cuti.awat lmbat sgt upload?

Fatin Nordin said...

ak nk jgk pergi sandboarding tuuuu

alfina said...

fatindean -- seronok ten. best gile. tapi aku sedikit semput utk naik ke puncak.

lovemenot -- biasalah, sibuk. lambat asalkan selamat.

HR -- nantikan saja. I missssss u too

Cikgu Puaka said...

zeti, kte pegi ke tempat ni nnti? pegi x? pegi x? x pegi pon tape saje buat2 interested. oh aku sedey gila house masuk asylum. or was it just a mental ward? eh yg penting sedey so kena la bgembira kat auckland nnti cant wait cant wait

alfina said...

mard, will go to some of the places. some places i plan for are much prettier.