Saturday, May 30

Fear & Phobia

I think people who want to be married are brave people. It is not easy to commit to just one person for the rest of your life. Love alone wont be enough to ensure happiness in marriage. Or just beauty. There are always other factors.

Being loyal is an ultimate thing. No cheating. So does trust. With that comes honesty. And sharing secrets. Or gossips. Understanding. Tolerating. Prioritizing. Always be satisfied with each other or pretend to be satisfied. Can you choose the right person? Would she/he be enough?

In Malaysian context, traditionally (or maybe just within my family), despite gender equity or gender whatever being campaigned and whatnot, stuff like gender stereotype still happen in our household. I mean, my dad would never force my mom to cook whenever he's hungry but I never seen him in the kitchen cooking for us either (maybe once in all my life). Stuff like that is known to suppose happen. Like my mom is the one who chooses the furniture or the curtains. My dad would worry about the bills and repair the bulbs.

Women in my family are expected to know how to cook. How to take care of a child. How to please husband. How to love husband family unconditionally. How to sew. How to manage money. How to do work simultaneously like hold a baby and sweep the floor. Basically, superwomen.

Marriage is a tough thing. Only tough people last.

I hope one day I'll be brave enough and I'll be married to a nice guy who loves me unconditionally.


Fatin Nordin said...

not easy to commit to one person for the rest of ur life ke?
now its already been a few years for u guys ape, just like 70 years more to go jeee hehe

p/s; u shudnt be afraid to get married la. its gonna be FUN! haha

aediasri said...


Cikgu Puaka said...

fatin is so makcik makcik 'marriage is fun' promoting marriage.

zeti, ur gonna b the first one to break d tradition. bet ur husband will do the household chores and u'l be the one doing other superior stuffs like bayaq bill.

alfina said...

eh mard. will i break the tradition? hopefully. i dun mind to pay the bill as long as it his money.

ten, 3 tahun pun byak pancaroba.
tatau la mcm mna nak 70tahun.

thanks aedi. whateva that means

Fatin Nordin said...

wehhh makcik2 bebel tau suh pkiaq nk kwen ke x, jgn melulu lulu haha

Cikgu Puaka said...

ten, mlulu lulu tu ape? mcm comel bunyik dia. rosak BM awk ni. melulu je ye. xde kata ganda melulu lulu