Sunday, July 19

Never Better

I've been postponing writing about my vacation due to lack of pictures. They are in my external which I left at Mint's place when I went for sleepover last week. Haven't met her since. She is busy being a tourist guide.

Like I said, I went to All Blacks game last night. Before that I went to All Blacks roadshow situated in Viaduct Harbour. Met a few player (I have no idea who they are). Got some autographs and pictures. Also pictures of the game.

HR said McCaw was staring at me.

Both teams on the field.

It was raining, hence the poncho. Still one hell of a good game.


Loving Life said...

wah, cool!! complete nz experience. =)

Fatin Nordin said...

i was sebuk bbqing while the game is running
btw do u know how its played?
klu tau aku tabek springg!!

alfina said...

life is now complete ain. sekarang dok diam2 dlm bilik je. dah miskin. hehe

fatindean, haruslah tahu. jenuh aku study malam sebelumnya. haha