Sunday, July 19

Bunga Raya Bunga Kebangsaan

Me and some friends went out last night to watch ALL BLACKS in action. It was so weird listening to other countries’ national anthem being played out loud before the game. Other people singing on top of their lung. Happy people singing. Proud. It seemed a bit different though. It made me miss Malaysia even more. Malaysian anthem is so cool. That made me recall the very first day I stepped to Auckland’s earth. The very first thing Nisah said to me was, “Look. New Zealand flag.” I looked up and saw the flag waving. It too made my stomach twist. It felt different. No moon on the flag. No red lines that I grew accustomed to. Or that tricky star that is very difficult to draw.

I miss Malaysia. I do.

The weather.
The food.
The people.
The shopping complex.
The affordable stuff.
THE FAMILY I left behind.

Oh, btw, it was a great game. They even won against Wallabies. Yay for them.

1 comment:

sr said...

itulah orang tua2 dahulu dah ciptakan pelbagai peribahasa utk kita renung >> hujan emas.. tempat jatuh..
n banyak lagi..

but i really miss you..
menghitung hari..