Tuesday, July 21

Post yang ke 150

I am a lucky girl. I celebrated my birthday a few times this year. Once with friends in Brisbane where they held a surprise party for me, in which I screamed, of course. (I am such a drama queen). There were cakes and candles and gifts. I heart them for that. In Sydney, Mard made people sang Birthday song to me again. On the night that I first arrived in which she held a makan-makan, read here.

Back in Auckland, Mas bought me another cake. Yummy. And blew some more candles. Sang more birthday songs. I was surprised by their effort. I was even more surprised seeing my mom 's gift, including her own made card. That was just so sweet. I am thankful receiving their presents. I love every single thing.

I am one lucky girl.

This time around, I just like to share one of HR's present for me for my birthday. He gave me one CD containing few songs that he wrote. (Not all songs spesifically for me). The CD include cover and leaflets. Cute meh. So, I made an effort to design a not-so-cheesy video for the song.

I really love the piano on this song. The lyrics are not at all cheesy. Just a simple song. Go on. Have a listen.


lovemenot said...

aku speechless dengan talent hisyam..gulp~

btw,sgt comel.
x sia2 ank lepak kt ground 0 td..hehe

alfina said...

jenoh aku buat video. lebih dr 4 jam ok. walaupun kelihatan sgt simple

Fatin Nordin said...

this is d reason why every girl wants their bf to b like hisyam and every bf despises hisyam for being such a sweet bf

u r one lucky girl ;)

he shud send his masterpiece to recording companies

and yes it is far from cheesy

mermed Z... said...
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mermed Z... said...
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mermed Z... said...

best nye...jeles..ngeeeeee

alfina said...


i do think he should as well. Boleh bersaing ngan Yuna?

alfina said...

smar. jgn jeeles. mintak jugak pada bf anda

mermed Z... said...

bf sy xreti nyanyi....owh.bila anda pulang?

Stray Kitty said...

Oh dzt... ampun yg amat!!! Aku lom wish bday kamu lagi.Happy bairthday, semoga panjang umur, bahagia selalu dengan HR kamu... and may all d best things in life, laling!

Ps- best bangat lagu ni! Jeles ni...korg mmg sgt sweet...owayz!

pps-apsal tak baik2 pun demam aku ni lps bc blog ko ni dzt? hehehe..

alfina said...

bf anda tak reti? anda nyanyi sendiri. hehe. DEC 2009. Oh nantikanlah kepulangan daku wahai dinda manis

alfina said...

ATI - tak baik ke demam? kena mintak HR nyani live kot. hahaha. Trimas ucapan manis mu itu.