Sunday, August 16

hopes and dreams

Walking back from work just now, saw an old Punjab couple sharing one umbrella in the drizzling rain. The man was holding the small umbrella for them both. Trying so hard to protect his lady from the rain. He held the umbrella so tightly (NZ rain comes with heavy rain) despite his old age and I can see he was shaking. He also wore a plastic bag on his head so that he can provide the umbrella for the wife. I felt touched.

I thought to myself, I am thankful that I live in a world where there is still man who is like that. And couple that are so in love. Even in old age.

I hope every girl has that kind of man as their lover.

* *

Hujan itu rahmat. Hujan bawa rezeki.


Anonymous said...

You think me n your dad will be that loving when we are at that age..? I,m sure we will..itupun kalau panjang umur..

Unknown said...

i think one day i wud see the same scene like u saw, only that i'll be watching you n hisyam. InsyaAllah

alfina said...

Ofkos u will mama.

Hopefully la mard~