Tuesday, August 11

Love being the one

I have been wanting to write something about my first crush eversince I read Magenta's post. The delay of this post is not entirely because I am busy but simply because I have been wrecking my brain thinking who was my exact first crush. Not because I am a forgetful person, just cause I don't know which one of them if the first of very first. I am all about love. Spreading love.

So, I decided to write about the one that changed my life.

His name was Ashraf. We were 8. He was one of my classmates. He was so cute at that time (I have no idea how he looks now). Dia pelat -s.

I remember me always inviting him to do any pair work or group work together. I was an active kid who like to ask lotsa questions to teachers (Off topic~). I like him so much that I always bug him whenever I can. I followed him during recess. I am that crazy.

I think I did say I like him one day to which he announced he was moving to Sabah. With his family. Before he moved, he gave a letter. Explaining that maybe we can write to each other and stay friends. I ignored it.

Apparently, there was other boys who adore me. More than one boy. Not wasting my time for long distance relationship (more like he never said he liked me back). I received a lot more letters. Even more when I was 9.

Oh, I entertained every one of them.

Even abang kantin ~ Don't judge me - if he let you take stuff for free because he likes you, you are advised not to deny him the pleasure.


Unknown said...

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Fatin Nordin said...

u were only darjah 2 man at that time
u mature fast ahahaha

me said...

Singa ke dzeti?

alfina said...

not SInga la irma.

I was a bit gila ten.