Saturday, August 29

It's a curse I never wish on my enemy

Been watching re-run of Gossip Girls.
Just occupying time.

Really love Dorota's character.
She is so cute.
I laughed everytime

After Blair mentioned about Chuck and their bet

Watak yang tetap maintain

Cun kan?


Fatin Nordin said...

adakah aku sorg yg xnmpk gmba ke2?

alfina said...

ya ampun.
aku dah updet yg baru

alfina said...
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Fatin Nordin said...

cun cun

pinkrain said...

hehe. first time jumpa org suka watak ni. heheh. but yeah, dia hidupkan gossip girl.


alfina said...

haha. tpi die mmg menarikk