Tuesday, September 29

He does not know it but he is my hero.

I meant to write about this earlier. But somehow deep down, I know that if I post this earlier I might make my mom worriedsick (well, she reads my blog). So, I decided to wait after raya. Just to ensure that she wont freak out to soon and is able to enjoy her raya.

The story is that my mom told me earlier that she already posted my baju raya and she said something about it might take more than two weeks to arrive. So, I marked my calendar, to be ready in case the postman buzz me to pick up parcel. And just around what time shall I expect the parcel.

So, one morning, as I was leisurely waiting at my office before the clock strike 10 am and I officially need to start work, my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. I was a bit shocked but remained professional nonetheless.

It was my apartment building manager. He sorta started asking if I am Dzeti Alfina (cant really remember how he pronounce my name or my Malaysian home's address. But if it was not for the serious matter, I might just laugh because it was hilarious).

Asking me this weird questions like if I am staying in my current address and other weird stuff (at this point not knowing who he was and why he is calling). Being a professional phone interviewer, I was a bit reluctant to share the details. I asked him first the reason of his call. After listening to him, my heart skip a bit. Deym you post people!

He said that he found a parcel addressed to me in a garbage bin.

He sorta thought the postman left the parcel outside my post box (because parcel too big compared to post box). Maybe some inconsiderate stupid people throw the parcel out. Because it was left there for days. I rarely checked my post box. But he was just assuming that.

The parcel arrived after 6 days instead of more than two weeks. I was not prepared to check my mailbox daily to anticipate for my pretty baju raya yet (I was supposed to do that the next week). Bravo for the speed. Not so much for the delivery.

When I saw him to pick up the parcel, I asked him why don't the postman buzz me or left a call card like usual. He said, maybe because this :

See there. No signature required.
So he can just not send the parcel.
Or leave it anywhere he wanted.

It was a blessing that I did got the parcel after all. And my building manager becomes my hero. I used to be skeptical towards him. For no reason. Stop judging people, dzeti. He just looked weird for a building manager.

Here are the parcel's pictures before being torn open by me and me screaming happily to see my pretty baju raya. You've seen my baju raya. No need for me to show pictures here.

Thank you mama.

Despite that, I was happy. I straight away tried it on and snapped a few pictures and YM it to my mom. At that point, I havent told her any of this. Just told her the happy part that it fits and I looked so deym glamorous. This post is just sorta reminder to others if you wanna send parcel and such. Oh, and bragging about my pretty baju raya, mind you.

Moral of the story : For future reference, please ensure that your parcel needs to be signed upon receiving.

p/s: If I can, I will try not to make my mom worried much. Especially with her being faraway. I understand that being a faraway mom is hard on her as she is unable to care and love enough for her children. I want her to always know that I am a happy and well. Always. Thus, worrying is not a feeling I wish for her to have.


Anonymous said...

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku...bagai nak pecah jantung mama membacanya...
mujurlah sampai juga ke tangan nina..kalau tak mama akan kesal selamanya..

Unknown said...

report2! tak baik btol. postman xhonest.

Felicia said...

OMG..jahatnya postman or budak budak tu... at least u dapat berglamor jugak with ur fab baju raya ;)

Fatin Nordin said...

nk gmba pkai bju raya jugakkkk
nk jugak!