Sunday, September 6

Merdeka Malaysia Merdeka

I know it's kinda late to wish Selamat Hari Merdeka. Urm, do people wish others for this celebration? Seems awkward. Anyhow, I just wanna say this year celebration is just boring as last year since I live abroad.

I am proud though. From afar.

Being Malaysian, we are accustomed to our own ways and etiquettes and manners and courtesy. Just today as I was hanging out with my workmates, they were saying that Asian students, if kept in a class for 7 hours, they would not make much noise and study obediently as compared to Islanders that need to move about noisily every ten minutes (True, according to own experience. With limitation of course).

We Malaysians have unwritten sets of rules that we follow. Not because we are losers with no life that only like to follow but never lead, but it just how we have been brought up, or I can proudly say, I have been brought up. Just some simple expectations on how to react.

I mean, it's common courtesy, if you are absolutely late, sms first to not let the others know. If you are going to someone's house, bring food. If you already RSVP, do come. If it is required of you to attend, show your face. If you feel others might be worried about you, let them know you are alright. If you don't know, ask around. And others.

These simple things that would make many other peoples life easier. Much much easier. It is just to show that we do consider other people feelings. And Malaysians are famous for this. This simple stuff reflect who we really are and how we are brought up. (Mahu tak mahu, akan kena tempias kepada ibu bapa kita juga).

Selamat Hari Merdeka.
please be considerate to others

p/s: Aku tak tahu apa tema merdeka tahun ini.

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