Friday, September 18

Sea Deep Love

It is never easy arranging/organising something for another 26 people to agree. Individuals have different needs and desires. Catering to each one of them is, in short, pain in the ass. So far, I’ve manage to do just fine by ignoring some and maybe doing consensus decision.

HR always been the one person I babble at about stuff I have to endure while I manage some of the cohort stuff. Even when sometimes I am so furious at some stupid excuses that people provide. He will listen. As he always does. Or I'll make him listen anyway. Nodding when required and saying stuff when appropriate.

I am not complaining about the workload. Or the stuff I have to do to ensure we can still call ourselves a cohort. I don’t mind doing it at all as long as people cooperate with me. Be a considerate person. It is just common courtesy.

An example so close to my mind is during the sailing trip I organised, I opened a poll for people to vote. 14 out of 26 people voted. All you have to do is click a mouse. And maybe some thinking if you wish to. Was it that hard? Are you that deym busy? Like I have nothing better to do? I volunteered myself to do all the hardwork coz I know no one will and Sheryll will continue ranting on if not, you just have to do the simple stuff. Choosing from the options I have painstakingly provided.

Ok. Enough feeling sorry for myself.

HR once suggested to me, just for my ears that everyone should once organise an event so that they can feel the pressure and the burden so that next time they know to always cooperate. Or care. And I just laughed.

When Ramadhan was nearing last month, I was a bit worried if people requested for ‘Cohort 4 Iftar’ or ‘Cohort 4 Raya’. I am in no mood to organise one. And somebody asked. I mean a lot of people asked actually, I just simply said I have no idea. Even that I like the idea but I have no desire at all to arrange one. Luckily Farah stepped up and volunteered to lead one iftar nite. Yay! It was a blast with great food.

Then, somebody suggested Raya Celebration, I asked Farah if she wanted to continue her success work, she, with-high-spirited said no. I just laughed. She said she have enough already. After some persuasions, Min and Pikah agreed to be the host of the Raya Celebration which will be held this Monday.

I am still thinking about the dish that I'm gonna cook for that day. I hope I will get inspiration soon.


Selamat Hari Raya

Maaf Zahir Batin

p/s: I am going to be a teacher one day and this stuff will just be some experience that I can look back one day and think of ways to improve my leadership skills.


Nigel J. W. Ong said...
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Nigel J. W. Ong said...

you cant always please everybody when you're a leader. all you can do is please the majority.

ive been in your shoes too, having to organize activities for my residence, and doing those dirty work of breaking up parties.

youre doing well there, hang on.

farah, s. said...

thanks for giving me the opportunity to organise sth for the cohort. after that event, i just think i've had enough of it. hahaha. it was fun btw. XD

hats off to dzeti coz selama ni berjaya handle kerenah kami. thanks! :D

Fatin Nordin said...

takpe, dtg welly ak treat ko mcm princess.
dh dcide blum ble nk dtg?

Cikgu Puaka said...

luahan hati seorang alfina. tsk. selamat hari raya sayang ku wuwuwuwu

pika pikah said...

success x raya celebration? mmg ade je 2-3 org yg ketegaq. besa ah. i found out 1st hand d way to handle dis ppl is by ignoring them. muahaha. tanak ikot sudeyh!

alfina said...

mard : seorang alfina yang chantek.

Pkah: dah ketegaq. Kalo kecik lagi buleh luku. dah besaq2, biaq pi saja