Monday, September 7

Of Tortilla Wrap and Tyra Banks

I'm loving my new lifestyle. The one that I abide to my alarm clocks. It never work before. But nowadays I can find myself reaching out to the alarm and shut it off, take few turns in my lovely duvet and opened my eyes slowly. Especialy time sahur. No one has to kejut me anymore.

I am used to wake up at 4.30ish for my sahur. Hang awhile before Subuh prayers around 5.15ish and only then slowly drifted back to dreamland or just watch stuff on laptop until next agenda on the list.

At 4.30am, TV2 provides Trya Shows. Which is not my favourite thing in the world, but cool enough. As I munch my food, I just nod along with whatever topic she discuss. Some are interesting and some are just lauhing materials to accompany me eating.

Interestingly today, as I flick my TV on, Tyra shows just ended (at 4.28ish). I thought maybe Tyra Show is back to back. To my surprise, it is NOT!

4.30am today, TV2 shows some bible theme story. I was furious. Haish. Bosan betol.

I just listen to this guy preaching about the fifth or was it sixth commandment : Respect your parents. Nasib baikla tajuknya menarik. I just watch here and there. It discusses about the length of how and why you should respect your parents, nothing that I don't know.

Luckily, my sahur meal was delicious. Tortilla wrap. A bit cold as it was prepared around 9.00pm last night. With hot hot nescafe. I got the perfect meal while I continue flicking the channel to find more cool stuff to watch.

I decided to blog to avoid from sleeping before Subuh. Which I succeded. Baru je azan Subuh. YES!

Off to my prayer.

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Hisyam said...

Cube blog mase nunggu berbuka plak..
Mesti dapat 4 post terus..
Sebab masa jadik slow semcm.