Saturday, February 13

I am in the mood to fall in love

Hang out with my great friend, Helwa today, the official beginning day of my long CNY break. She came over to my place for a chitchat before both of us pursued our journey to Pavillion. Browsing some interesting women stuff before going to lunch. Had long delicious lunch and continued our shopping spree.

These are some of the food we ate, they were so much more. So many stories were shared. Not so much gossip. I managed to spend wisely. Cheeerios me!!

Come hang out with me.

p/s: I think in that picture Helwa is experiencing somewhat sugar high moment due to all the sweetness that she consumed and the sweetness around her (me la!).

1 comment:

dianakamal said...

salam dzeti,
ingat tak lagi dengan cikgu tajun? yang mengajar sejarah dulu? cikgu kirim salam tau. lepastu, tolong kasi tau dekat helwa sekali ek.huhu. thanks:)