Wednesday, February 3

Someones is getting older today

Dear Helwa is celebrating her birthday today.
Love you lotsa darling~
Will be seeing you soooooooon ....
May all your wishes come true


ewa said...

zt, thank youu <3 <3
i baru prasan. hehe.
i like ladybugs. there cute. hehe.
thanks again! :))

alfina said...

ur welkam ewa. i lost all phone numbers in my phone. cant contact u. i dah ada pressie for u though.

ewa said...

dear dzeti is soo sweet:)
thank you soo much in advance. i cant text you right now cause my battery is running low. but here's my house no: 03-615700. you can call me when you reach home okay? owh, are you free this saturday? i believe we have some unsettled business! :p