Friday, February 19

the ice cream girls

I think Ain once asked me about my preference towards chick-lit genre for reading. She herself does not really favour that genre. I can't really recall what my response towards her question was but I bet I said something lame like I just like what I like. I remembered she sorta tried to persuade me to try reading other genre by buying me a book by one of her favourite author for my birthday.

I kept on reflecting on her question because I do want to know the reason as well (which I don't have at that time). It's not that I don't read other genre because I do read Gaiman's, Koontz's and King's writing and I particularly like Sheldon's writing. But chick-lit has always been what I favour the most.

After some soul searching, I guess this preference got to do with me being such a realist. I think I can relate better with these stories and through them I extract the moral values and try to relate them back to my life. I like to use these books fantasies (which is more real than any ghost story, in term of reality and fantasy) to imagine my own. Plus, I am a sucker for stories with colourful rainbows and happy endings.

I got to admit though, I do like stories about girl loves boy, boy chases girl, girl got insecurities issues, boy like bad girl, boy has good girl best friend or stuff like that. It is simple. It is usual. It is real. It always happens. Just with different twist here and there.

When I choose a book I like to read a few pages first. If I feel that I can't put the book down, I sure am hook up by the book already. It also got to do with I like books with nice colourful happy covers and mysterious and superb tagline. They compel me to read them.

Current obsession is Dorothy Koomson. She is absolute great read. I have read almost all of her book. Almost because she just got a new one out. I owned all of her writing except for her first and latest book.


AnisS. said...

it's gud that u read chick-lits
they're my fav too. sbb buku2 diorg mostly funny, ade sense of humor yg bole buat u gelak mcm org gile :P it's bout wat's happening in real life and i love reading those books yg i can very much relate to it. and it gets u thinking too. bukan cerita kosong je. so complete package la, kan?
continue reading chick-lits, kite sokong! hehehe

not hisyam at all said...

chick lits for malaysian school literature component!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)