Tuesday, March 23


Three of my New Year's resolution are accomplished.
  • travel around Malaysia esp visit Sabah and Sarawak (If I manage to travel whole NZ, I should be able to do this in my own country)
  • road trip with friends (doesn't matter far or near)
  • attend someone's wedding that is truly my own friend (I never been to my own friend's wedding. It had always been my mom's or dad's friends or relatives. This year, I want to attend my own friend's wedding. Or at least their brothers or sisters. I want to receive the invitation card with my name)
The list is copied from here.

Last Saturday we went for a road trip to Pekan, Pahang. Convoying with four cars. To Nadia's wedding. Stopped by Telok Cempedak. Felt the water. Snapped more pictures. Met a few monkeys. Bought a bag. Ate dadih. Prayed at Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah. Ate again at Temerloh. Drove till late nite.

Life is a bliss when the people around you are blissful.


Anonymous said...


your room8

alien kepala besar said...

People aren't blissful if you're not blissful.

alfina said...

no such word but got such feeling