Wednesday, June 2

and they say to love is to let go

A friend once asked me how can I be so ignorant and not care about stuff? She mentioned that I once admitted to her that one of my biggest weaknesses is I have too high degree of empathy. She noticed the contradictory in my statement and my behaviour.

Though the question came as a shock to me, I know she meant well. She was just curious seeing me being too carefree despite all the issues that we were facing that time. The question did help me to better understand myself.

After some soul searching, I told her that I am a selective thinker. I just put my mind on certain thing at one time. Neglecting some issues to be dealt later. I only think about what is necessary for me and ignore completely stuff that doesn't bother me (or stuff that I pretend not to bother me).

It works well for me.

I compartmentalize my thinking. I select them accordingly.

Being me, an over-planner that have high degree of empathy and intrapersonal being, I can't breathe if I keep on thinking on various issues. It would consume me. So, I opt to not think about them. Ignoring it.

If I let myself be, I would keep on thinking and thinking too much and replaying the issues in my head. I would be trapped in my own mind and thinking.

I acknowledge that this is not the healthiest way. But this is how I manage myself to prevent (is unavoidable) turning more bipolar than I already am.

Oh, yes. I am always ignoring you.


Lead singer of hardcore punk band Bad Brains (check out who that is) said...

Got nothing to say but I like this post. Always good to know our own patterns of thought.

alfina said...

p/s: he is ugly. Lead singer of hardcore punk band Bad Brains i mean. not u