Friday, June 11

of bunga telur and bally shoes

Me : I took our sijil kursus kahwin just now.
HR : Oh, thanks. Where is it?
Me : It's with me. I'm keeping it.
HR : Why? I'll try not to lose it.
Me : I'm keeping it. Just so that you can't marry someone else.
HR: I can just attend another one.
Me : Yeah, you can. But you'll be busy and it will be more expensive than this one.
HR : I bet next year IPBA will provide another cheap kursus kahwin for the juniors. I'll attend then. Still cheaper.
Me : Ni, memang nak kawen ngan orang lain la? (Tone changed)
HR : Eh, takdela.. Jom pi makan, jom.. (chuckling)

p/s: I just put our sijil someplace safe.


Highly Reviled said...

You better. RM80 tu. Hehe.

alfina said...

hahaha.. rm80 jer.