Thursday, June 17

Cookie Monster is coming

HR just announced to me that Usher is coming to Malaysia this July. He was expecting me to jump up and down in joy and say something like, "Oh my gosh! Let's go!!". But I did not.

I do like him. I like his voice. His song. His move. Him. Just him.

But, no! I don't like going to crowded places. Especially if it is expensive. Which I know it is.

He was saying, "But you like him!" I kept saying, "Yeah. I do. So?"

Maybe I'll go if it's free. But what happen if my future students saw me jumping and salivating over the hot bod? Will they still respect me and do their homework? Oh, man.

Not giving up, HR stated that Sesame Street is coming to town as well. He said, "There will be Elmo."

I amused him by asking the ticket price which he did find out for me.


Sabrina said...

tnye tiket price
lps tu gtau aku
klu cm rm 20 ke rm 50 ke
aku pegi

pika pikah said...

zt aku pon nk taw ticket prize sesame st tuh, so aku google la.

RM155, RM110, RM75. pling murah rm75 babe!

sab, spa nk br hg tgk concert rm 20? haha. even if its just sesame st, it's still darn expensive maaa....
xpa kta tgk kt tv2 ja la pagi2 (still ada ka???)

Hantu Raya said...

I bet none of your students will attend the Sesame St. show and see you jumping and salivating over the hot bods. Apa lagi, Dzeti? Perfect plan tu.

Human Rights said...

"I do like him. I like his voice. His song. His move. Him. Just him."

It took me some time to realize you were talking about Usher.

Haha jejaka perasan