Wednesday, December 22

Bittery taste

I've always love Brooke Davies. She has a special place in my heart. She inspired me. Not Sophia Bush, just Brooke.

She's the only reason why I keep watching OTH as the series get suckier day by day. I keep on downloading and bearing with all the new faces.

I am crazy like that. Over-fixated on tv series character.

Latest episode of OTH, Brooke died, well almost. I cried. Like sobbing with tears. And puffy eyes.

Arif was like,"Kak, ok tak ni?", while looking at me all red-eyed. I know he wanted to laugh at me. But he couldn't because he was genuinely worried looking at me.

Oh, Brooke, please don't die.


Hisyam said...

I'm glad she didn't die. You must be devastated for weeks if she did.

daydreambeliever said...

she's not dead kan? btw, season brapa dah nie?kita x tgk since season 5 kot.huhu

alfina said...

u gotta see it for urself. no spoilers. haha

Loving Life said...

omg, no way. she's not dead is she? i'm all for her and julian-the-best- love-interest-ever to make babies. or am i so far behind that there's a new love interest?

alfina said...

naah, same old same old.

fyi, tv series nye lovers akan on-off sampai 2,3 seasons. haha
so, dey r still together.