Sunday, December 5

Cotton Candy

I was so bored stuck at home while everyone else is out having fun. So I decided to cheer myself up. I made the mattress cozy with gazillion of plushies and fan nearby. No way will I sweat on a hot hot day.

I chose Camp Rock 2.

And my choice was so perfect. It made my day. Truly did. I was so busy laughing till my face gone red that I forgot to eat my chocolates. Though some of the songs are great, it has all the cliches in the world in one movie.

The best 90 minutes of my day so far.


Fad Gorgeous said...

i love camp rock 2.hehe. but btllah i can only hppn in movies. but i still love it!:P

lovemenot said...

nak tgk camp rock 2 jugak!!! the same actors and actresses ka?