Wednesday, December 1


The other while talking on the phone with HR, we talked about our childhood memories. We talked and rambled on.

We ended up talking about songs that I sang whenever I played 'getah' with my girls.

Rumah terbakar panggil bomba,
Bomba datang berlumba-lumba,
Anak kambing patah kaki,
Anak kambing menari-nari,
Anak kambing makan rumput,
Anak kambing masuk kandang.

I just realized this song is kinda silly and does not make sense. At all. Not even the rhyming pattern. Oh silly childhood song~

p/s: gotta love HR for singing Don't Call Me Baby by Madison Avenue for lullaby


Hisyam said...

My favourite will always be Anak Rusa Nani as introduced by you. Also only like it if you sing it.

alfina said...

And I shall never stop singing. HAHA

Btw, ofkos I can introduce cool music to u too.

Hisyam said...

Yeehaa kids' music IS cool music