Saturday, December 4

Cookies and Cream

Countdown to HR's Birthday : 4 days left
Current Song : Cee Lo Green's Fuck You
Thought in my head : Oh so lazy to water the plants.

Since everyone I know from IPBA is like me, broke and hoping wholeheartedly for the claim money that haven't shown a promising sign, I am happy to share my current way of making money.

Since I intend to buy HR a gift for his birthday, I make use of my elder brother who is so busy with work and lazy like a turtle. Duhh~ I can't wait for the claim money forever and do nothing. I have needs.

So, I took jobs from him. Doing whatever. Laundry. Housekeeping (to his room). Dishes.

It work out well between us. Who cares who is using who.

But Kak Eka is coming back from her 2 months vacation soon. And there goes my source of income.

So, I need a new plan.

p/s: I don't know about gift for HR, I spend as fast as I earned.
p/p/s: I only charged him. Not my younger brothers or my parents. That is just cruel.


Hisyam said...

You're really resourceful. I think if we go on a honeymoon in space, I can leave you in Mars and you'll survive (not a good example, I know, but you get my drift).

Don't you worry. There's no gift more worth it than seeing you again.

Well, except a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amp (RM9500). Hehe just kidding

lovemenot said...


jiwang btoi la couple nie.jeles sihhh