Sunday, June 26

Tadaaaa.. Dengan Ini Aku Merasmikan Kerusi dan Meja Baru.

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post. Some through blog itself, some FB, some just through words of mouth.

Yes, I bought a table, a shelf and a chair for myself for my birthday. This is what my current room looks like. My room smells 'shop-like' with all the new things. Hehehe

Mind the tangled wyres. They are there for a reason.

Most of the stuff that you can see on my table/shelf/wall are gifts from students. Like the frame, the flowers, the pop-up cards (i dun think you can see them), the teddy and etc.

That's my i-Pod dock. A gift from HR. For our fifth year anniversary last March. Later, I'll try and post some of the pictures of the pop-up cards, no? When I feel like it that's it.

What did HR give to me on my birthday?
Love. Lotsa love. And more love.

1 comment:

HR said...

Aik kerusi plastik aja? Hehe
BTW your room looks so lovely. very colourful