Friday, December 2

I don't really like crowded places.

You know how I am so lazy to watch or read news. Gossips, on the other hand, I loike!

So, Felicia has always been my source of news. Earthquake in Japan, flood in Thailand or whatever. Her source of news also includes Tweet and FB gossips. She is also my source of teaching aids and ideas.

Anyway, my main point being, recently, after long hiatus of me taking LRT, I used the service again. I noticed new thing about LRT.


Now, LRT operates using this coin-shaped-thingie instead of the usual card.

It took me several minutes to process how to use the chip. I was somewhat surprised to receive the chip from the counter person. I blinked a few minutes. Then only I, on my own, figured things out.

Its new. Its ok.

But for me, it is easier to lose as it is so tiny. And so round.

p/s: Felicia, I need you here. Don't you dare move to NZ before I got transferred.


felicia~ said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha... so full of LOL when i was reading this~ i love you too!
ps. im intrigue by that round blue thing too :P

Princessfad said...

kan?senang sgt nak hilangkan. kat taman paramount lagi lak. mmg counter dia tutp terus. ada machine jer. so, dia suruh beli kat machine.terkejut gak at first.

alfina said...

felicia : u must love me enuf to stay here, ok.

fad: Kan? Kann? Aisehmen