Monday, December 5

Of mini me and him

Ten : You should start buying some kitchen stuff.
Me : What? Where to put?
Ten : Eh, you have to start planning. About the future. How many kids do you want?
Me : Hmm.. I don't know. Four, five.
Ten : Ok. How many kids HR wants?
Me : However many I want. You see? The beauty of the relationship.

Me: Ten mentioned that we should discuss our future.
HR: Ok. What about our future?
Me: How about kids? How many?
HR: What? Urm.. 2, 3 maybe. White Stripes only has two members.
Me: So?
HR: They can do 2-man-band. Or four like SOAD *listed some band names* Ah, what about five iron frenzy?
Me: What? They have like 7 members rite?
HR: Yeah, it's not like I ask for SuperJunior.
Me: Dang! Not that many.
HR: One of them should be tahfiz kan? Not the first one kan?
Me: Why not? Oklah tuh. Alang-alang boleh jadi Rabbani.

p/s: How many kids do you want?


Hey Roldy said...

KRU pun ok juga

wan nana said...

haha.. kelaka kot planning cm tu..