Monday, December 5

The perfect plan

The day before, HR and I went to the city of Merlion, Singapore. The itinerary was handled 100% by him and I was so proud of him. He has grown!

I even told him that he can plan our honeymoon. This was before we started the journey.

He planned meticulously to every final detail. He made sure everything was perfect. Well, of course everything was not perfect because we found some glitches but nothing that couldn't be handled. Plus it is circumstances glitches that couldn't be predicted. Still great plan. And of course, we were lucky since the weather was perfect. It was not raining until around six-ish which was when it was time for us to go home.

We went to some of the iconic places in Singapore as planned. Even more than planned since we had extra cash and I decided not to shop in Singapore. It was awesome. I was smiling in all of the pictures.

But, I took back what I said about planning for our honeymoon. Sorry, love.

His awesome plan as awesome as it is involved a lot of walking. A LOT OF WALKING. Which can't be help since that's the only route, I know. But it was still a lot of walking.

Still, love, I have decided that I am gonna choose the destination and the activity for the honeymoon. And yes the only walking we are going to do is shopping in air-conditioned mall.


Hello Rumpelstiltkin said...

With all the walking you did that day, you deserve to be pushed around in a wheelchair for 3 months.

Loving Life said...

well, least u know with him you'll be assured lifelong health n fitness, no gym fees required. =)

alfina said...

ain: true. but i wanna go to gym. i like seeing hotguys..