Tuesday, January 17

Happiness comes in different ways

Upon meeting Felicia for morning drinks, she greeted me, "Babe, why are you so happy? With all smiles."

Or was it that she just straightaway said, "Babe, I'm hungry."


I told her about my happiness that day. I managed to make the form five boys of the so-gangsta-class tangkap leleh. I was on cloud nine. I used Christina Perry's A thousand years with them. And thery were all, "One step cloooooooooooooooser."

They were all singing and feeling jiwang weyh. And they even managed to say, "Cher, bluetooth cher." Oh yes, Cher is my nama manja with them. LOL!

Today, I am happy too. Apart form eating scrumptious Nasi Lemak Special, I also receive a happy news. Two new MALE English teacher are here. Single? I was just wondering on Saqinah's behalf. Weehoo! I can bully some juniors now.

And soon, a-nine-day-holidays. Bliss!

But for now off to Rumah Merah practice.


pika pikah said...

junior bru postinglah msuk skolah hg? demm skolah aku still x dpt2 ckgu english. 5 ckgu english utk students 1200++ mmg x ckup... -_-

alfina said...

mungkin 2 baru masuk utk gantikan 2 yg akan keluar?

iaitu aku n felicia..


Hullabaloo Rustic said...

Sahih le tu...