Saturday, January 14

Saqinah told me to list down why I love him and keep it safe in case I ever forget about them

One thing I always keep in mind. Never try to change him. Let him be himself. Allow him to act silly. Let him has his free time. Accept his friends. Permit him some breather. Because at the end of the day that is the person I fall in love with. The quirks and all.

If I ever limit him, how can he be the guy that I adore?

The one who is my bestfriend and would listen to all thewhining. The one who has 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' syndrome. The one whose brain is full with nonsensical facts but blur with general knowledge. The one that would carry all the bags for me. The one with funny friends. The one who would endure hours and hours of Alanis Morissette and Yuna. The one who needs a push to get things done. The one who always has the answer to everything. The one with great taste in sitcoms (and girl). The one who sleeps like there's no tomorrow (I don't adore this but accept it). The one who knows a lot about local and international artists. The one who likes to walk (read: walk). The one who would never admit that he is scared of those green slimy reptile. The one who would follow patienly as I browse through handbags and shoes. The one with time management issues. The one who would sing and make all the guitar noises for me to sleep.

And yes.

Sometime it is a struggle but I will try my very best.

Because I love him.

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Hisyam Razak said...

And as you know, I love you too. Sincerely. I appreciate every single thing that makes you who you are. I currently can't find words that can describe you but one of the most amazing things about you is your patience. Your heart is so pure with your forgiveness and acceptance. I know since I'm the one testing them almost everyday. I can be really stupid most of the time but I hope you never forget that my feelings for you never tire. I can't ask for a better soulmate than you. You know me inside out, better than I know myself. You understand me like no one can.

A person like you do not in any way deserve an idiot like me. I am deeply humbled by your love and your willingness to stand by me all the time despite my countless imperfections. I am a nonsensical guy who can't offer anything much. All I can offer is to lift your bags for years to come, to never stop telling you lame jokes, to share stories everyday, to help you find things on the net no matter how easy it actually is for you to try yourself, to annoy you with updates from my favourite bands and all of our own little things that make us so colourful.

These past 5 years may not necessarily be smooth-sailing all the way through but those are the best 5 years of my life. It's unbelievable that the cute charming girl I fell in love with in IPBA foundation years is still here with me. I adored you back then and I adore you way more today.

I hope I can adore you for so many years to come and you can tolerate this big-headed immature pakcik for so many years to come.