Monday, January 9

Lesson on Life

You know how I always dread the day I have to go back to GM. I was always wishing that I don't have to reach GM soon and have exxxtra and longer time before I offically have to go back. So, on this one particular day, my wish was granted but not in a good way. Lesson learned!

Not only the supposedly 3pm bus was late (only arriving nearly arond 4pm), it was sorta broken too. I did not know this at that time as I planned to sleep and sleep only. At first it stopped somewhere in a petrol station before Bentong's tol. And I waited.

And we waited.

I had no idea what we were waiting for but we waited patiently nonetheless. I wasn't really complaining as the air-conditioner was on and I can sleep soundly. But I did not sleep! I can't! I don't know why.

So, after a LONG while, I noticed the mechanic came and fixed something near the tyre and I learned that something like spring was broken and without it the bus will be bouncy and not pleasant. Me in aircond is a good passenger you see.

Then, only around 6.30pm we left the petrol station. Just a little bit after Kuala Lipis bus station the thingie broke again. And yes, we bounced along the 'smooth' road to GM. We bounced and bounced like we were riding horses. And worse of all, I had to pee. Like serious one.

And we bounced.

The driver stopped twice to try and fix the thingie but with no success. And we kept on bouncing with my muka ketat due to my pee situation. I was more pissed off that I couldn't sleep. With all the bouncing and all the not peeing.

We stopped for more than thirty minutes in Merapoh (another 30minutes beofre reaching GM) and I got to pee. I was on cloud nine. Oh, happiness.

And we continued bouncing to GM. We reached around 12pm. Yet, the bus still had to continue the journey to KB. Bouncing style.

So, I would never wished like that anymore. I wish that I get to transfer. Now, pray for me.

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Hur Rah said...

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Let's hope that's the case with our wish to get you out of there and into here.