Friday, June 15


I hope it is not to late to say a gazzilion thanks to everyone who helped, came, brought gifts, prayed and wished hapiness for both our wedding and marriage. Hope this will last forever and ever.

Special thanks to my family. Mama and abah for the support and advices and energy. My awesomest brothers for the phisycal energy like painting the house, lifting all the heavy loads and greeting the guests. Also to Kak Ika who is a lot of help. Other extended family members all the way from Kedah.  

My friends. For asking and caring and listening to my rants and running all over town to make the wedding an ultimate event. For looking pretty but not prettier than me. For still running errands in those pretty clothes.

For my mom's team. CBN teachers and other aunties that are closer than any blood aunties..

Thanks so much.
Love uolls lotsa.

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