Thursday, June 28

A whole new world

Now that I am in the married team, I am exposed to new world of knowledge. Totally unprepared, I just listen and never contribute.

These teachers talk about babies, the IVF, the breastfeeding (not all sweet, sometimes gory), the pregnancy, the hormones, the best way to do it, the dos and the donts, the urutan, the nurseries, the ovum, the sperm, the fallopian tubes. Everything is thoroughly discuss. 

Listening to all these wannabe mothers, I am touched. How they really cares for the baby even before conceiving. 

Suprisingly, a few teachers in my school are/were/will be doing the IVF or other alternatives with shortform I am unaware of.  I feel bad for them who has been married for five, seven and even twelve years. These future mothers happily share their experience as they are rubbing their tummy. Sweet, I tell you.

There's one lucky teacher who 'bunting pelamin', that keep sharing her own experience and sorta brag about it. She said, "Ala, ada sebab lah kenapa Allah tak bagi lagi. Belum bersedia la tu."

I mean, yes you are lucky to have baby so easily but dont bring down others. Yes, maybe they are not ready yet and Allah knows best but pray for them and keep supporting them with positive spirit.


farah, s. said...

thanks for writing this entry.

alfina said...

ur welcome. But why?