Wednesday, June 27

How does it feels?

Moving to a new school?

It sucks.

I have to start all over again. To be the new kid again. To be the goodie-goodie teacher who accepts, never complains, always follows and never rebels.

To start a new routine with new kids.

To make new friends, to establish positive rapport, to adapt to new environment.

I miss my kids, my collegues, my friends, my-cool-never -bothered admin, my 1.20pm punch out time.

But I have the chance to start over. Fresh. Meet new faces. Enlighten new youngsters. Challenge new tasks. Accept possibilities. Learn more knowledge. Gain new experience along the way.

Be with my other half, HR..


Happy Rilmoge said...

Those are some huge sacrifices. Can't thank you enough love

alfina said...

hahhahaha.. i want pressie