Friday, June 29

How does it feels?

To be a wife?

Meaningful & blessed.

Sure it can be tough at times, but I am lucky enough to marry my best friend. He accepts me as I am. All good and bad. 

He never complains, always apraises, stick to his words, adapts to my quirky routines and amazingly understanding.

Our house is almost a home now. Except I am always scared of any sound and ready to jump at any second.

Oh, it has been more than a month now.


Fatin Nordin said...

i havent visited here for quite some time.

but ive visited you! hehe

babe, im panicking, seriously like having a heart attack!

Felicia said...

and i'm always happy for you ~~~
it gets better with time, and your marriage will get sweeter too


alfina said...

ten : dun be. Its a new adventure. Wait r u talking about wedding or marriage? And yes darling, thanks for visiting me

Felicia: thanks babe. I hope so.