Saturday, December 8

My everything man

This is the continuation to this post. I know it is long overdue. But the time is right now.

What happened was, our tyre blew. To pieces. In a dark highway.

We were alright. But I was scared shit. But I didn't go into panic attack. Lucky me. And him. Our phones were both functional. We could still call, sms, bbm and whatsapp. Facebook too if we desired. 

Since it was my dad's car. I called him first. Specifically him because I rather not my mama worries because it was at night and she just had her heart surgery. He told on me. To my mama. But all in all, my mama was the logical person to call as she tried to guide me on what to do, with the help . 

Above all these to and fro calling and calming each other, I never once thought HR could change the tyre. Not once. He showed braveness of course, looking calm and casual. But we both know underneath the facade, we were both apeshit scared.

So, in the darkness, alongside HR's awesome Samsung Galaxy W torchlight, near the busy highway in Pagoh, we changed the tyre. Man, it was hard. Hard because the tyre is the one facing the incoming fast and furious traffic. While busy jumping to unscrew the bolts, we had to somehow made sure we would not be hit by the hugeass lorries. Extra hard due to the extravagant tyre rim that my dad installed. Later, we jumped again to screw the bolts. And again, made sure we would not be hit by the hugeass lorries

We succeeded. 

So, the moral of the story is never to underestimate your man. Even though he likes to joke around, make funny faces and eat and sleep a lot. Who knew what else he is capable of. 

Here it is,

the birthday man, 

                                                                       and the tyre.

No longer a boy at the age of 25.

Happy Birthday, abang.
May our life fills with happiness and prosperity.

A proud wife,

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