Tuesday, December 18


Men are stupid.
Too harsh, most men are stupid most of the time.
Why bother?
Men are stupid.

The other day, I got the opportunity to take a KTM ride. Alone. So I opted for the women's coach. 

It was not peak hour so they weren't many people and it was so joyful. The ride. Not the fact that I had to travel alone. On a KTM.

These stupid men who couldn't read or couldn't even bother just strode along on the women's coach. Stupid. If you really couldn't read, the signs, all over the coach (truly all over), couldn't you see, its pink. PINK coach. Not meant for you men.

Who are even stupider than those stupid men?

Stupid women.

Stupid women who brought their stupid men on the women's coach. 

Yes, those women!

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